It’s Monday!

I always feel like Monday is the day for me to get organized, make lists, clean up, be creative, plan a week of delectable meals, and become “uber” productive.

The beginning of a new school/work week always begins with an optimistic look towards the future. This is the week that I will figure it all out. I will begin that teen fiction novel sitting in a file on my desk top, titled, yet revealing a blank page when it is opened. I will move this blog into the its next phase, learn how to tag, follow, increase readership, etc. I will finally get the house organized, cleaned, and decluttered, and I will present my family with a meal of healthy, nutritious, and delicious meals all week long. I will tackle writing, parenting, my marriage, and life in general with gusto, and I will FINALLY figure out what I want to be when I grow up.

Then I crawl out of bed, stop in the bathroom to empty my bladder, and head downstairs for my coffee. I begin making lists, or adding to old ones. I make sure I check off things as I go along so I feel some early sense of accomplishment: Drink coffee. Check! Give Max lunch money. Check. Take a shower. Oops!

Today my list included:

  • Complete thank-you notes
  • Write Blog
  • Research blogging on Carrots ‘N’ Cake
  • Pay Bills
  • Plan dinner
  • Buy and send cards (birthday/sympathy)
  • Call orthodontist/doctors
  • Walk Murphy
  • Begin putting together slide show
  • Work on writing assignment
  • Buy slippers
  • Groceries
Ambitious? Maybe. But it’s Monday.

 Like many mornings though, as soon as Mark headed out the door to bring the three kids to school, I took a look around, and then my optimistic mood began to wane. Why, you may ask? Well, this a.m. I was met with this:

And this …

And this …

Yes, that is a peanut butter-covered knife carefully placed on a grocery store coupon. Why??????

Still holding on to one last smidgeon of optimism, I turned to my computer. I could still post. That would be accomplishing something. But my computer “area” looked exactly like this:

Not exactly an optimal breeding grown for creativity or organization!! (I do have an “official” office, but that is so cluttered with miscellaneous household items — boots and gloves by the pellet stove, anything my husband doesn’t know what to do with, and paper items that I have yet to file — that I find it best to work on my kitchen island right now.)

Feeling completely deflated, I did what I do best. I grabbed another cup o’ joe, sat down in front of the computer screen, and began to procrastinate (kind of). I did check out the blogging suggestions on fellow Union College alumni and author Tina Haupert’s, Carrot ‘N’ Cake blog. I found some great suggestions for enhancing this blog, and got a good laugh from her “Dear colitis, I will win every time. Hugs and kisses, Tina” and her hilarious photo of her husband and pug, Murphy. Ironically, I had just gotten a similar photo of my labby-mix Murphy, when my son tried to get him to sit like a human in the car the other day.

 Don’t ask!!! Again … Why???

Then I wandered around Facebook for a little while, adding “like” pages to the Renaissance Mom Facebook page, and sending a few belated Tweets. While reading my newsfeed I came across a post updating me on the condition of a local 12-year-old Jake Beaudoin who was injured in a Jan. 19, motocross accident. That reminded me that I wanted to send his mom a message, who I had recently learned was a girl I went to high school with, and let her know my thoughts and prayers were with her and her family. I did which eventually led me to Jake’s website, and this video. Naturally I watched it, but also got my thank-yous written at the same time. Ahhh. Another check.

Then I turned to this post, and look I’m almost done! (I also squeezed a call into the orthodontist somewhere in there, too.) Checked and double-checked!

So I guess I’m getting more accomplished on this gorgeous Monday morning than I thought I would after encountering the disaster area I like to call my kitchen. Now it’s time to figure out what’s for dinner. But first I have to …

  • Clean the kitchen.
  • Walk the dog.
  • Do some laundry.
  • Begin that writing assignment.
  • Read for my LICSW recertification course.
  • Call the doctors office. ……

Oh yeah! And take that shower.

Happy Monday!