Well, at least my blog is. I mentioned yesterday that sometimes I can be obsessive (if not a little compulsive), well, here lies the proof in the pudding as they say. Those who have followed my blog from the beginning (way back in October 2011), have seen a variety of different designs on my website:

These frequent (semi-obsessive) compulsions I have to play around with the look of my site reminds me of my frequent desire to change rooms around, rearrange knicknacks, books, shelfs, move furniture from one room to another, in my home. My family never quite knows what to expect when they come home in the afternoon. One day they entered the house to find the entryway no longer had a place to hang their coats. That was my clever plan to make them start using the closet and stop using the entryway as their dumping ground.

On another such occasion McKenna’s bookshelf disappeared from her room, somehow magically making its way into my office. She also lost a dresser to the guest room one day, but gained another that I belief ” was more proportionate to her room size.” She gave me her perfected eye roll and a “whatever mom” on that one.

Max is much better at dealing with my “redecorating” urges. He has to be. I am the worst offender of crash rearranging in his bedroom by far. He never knows what state his room will be in on any given day, nor does he care. As long as he has his giant king-sized bed to cuddle up in at night, he’s good to go.

Then there’s Shea who, after a piece of his wall fell on him (old plaster-walled farmhouse, he was fine), we decided to give him an entire room makeover for his birthday. He chose the colors — green, blue, and chalkboard paint …

… and told me what type of “features” he would like, and I took his existing furniture, layout, (and two awesome contractors who can do anything). and created, what he refers to as, his “Man Cave.”

He did get a few new surprises …

A new platform/storage bed designed by me. (That’s his old closet door repurposed as a head board.)



A lamp made our of a wire basket I found at Homegoods on clearance for $7.


And a “home theater” made out of $5 room shade …

… and a projector that we had gotten one Christmas ago that didn’t work the way we needed it to, but was perfect for projecting video games and movies on Shea’s wall.

Maybe I could host a show on HGTV. I’ll go into people’s homes and create a brand-new look just by moving things around that already exist in their homes. Is there already a show like that? Probably. I could call mine something like “Rearranging Reno” or “The Renaissance Rearranger.”  Or maybe Nate Berkus will invite me on his show, as one of his featured “home decorators.” I’m House Proud Nate!” Anyway … I digress.

I have yet to find a layout for Renaissance Mom that I love! I’m not ready to throw money into purchasing  a theme, but I think I need more control with its look and style. Perhaps it is time to look into www.wordpress.org. I’ve heard you have more control with that. We’ll have to see … Any ideas? Let me know.