Before beginning this post I just have to give a shout out to fellow blogger Tina Haupert of Carrots ‘N’ Cake. She sent out this Tweet this morning: “I plan to make today’s To Do list my bitch.” Love it!

Though I didn’t make my To Do List my bitch, I had a very productive day with a friend decluttering, organizing, and rearranging her entire house. Thanks B, I’m sure I had more fun that you. So I guess I made someone else’s my … well, you know. I even saw her checking things off. Yes!

Seriously, I have a problem. My daughter pointed it out to me the other day. Something was said about being obsessive or anal or something along the lines of having to have everything in it’s place, and she said, “Kind of like you mom.” “I’m not like that,” I replied completely dismayed. And in that pre-teen way (you know … head flip, hip out, left side of lip up, brows furrowed, eyes rolling, all in an effort to produce the look that says, “You are the most ignorant person on Earth, get a clue mom), she said, “Um, yeah you are.” Only days before she made a comment about me being OCD. But honestly, I’m not that bad.

I can prove it. Just look back at the photos I posted two days ago. Surely that isn’t the kitchen (or workspace) of a woman with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. I may obsess some. And I have been known to flip out on occasion when the piles of crap around the house get out of control, but I am definitely not compulsive. I don’t check, recheck, check. I don’t have a compulsive  desire to repeat the same task over and over and over again. Unless you take into account the endless loads of laundry that I have to wash on a daily basis. Or the fact that I have to cook dinner, day, after day, after day … Then there’s the homework checking five days a week, the sporting events that I must attend repeatedly, and the dishes that I seem to keep putting away each day only to find them in the sink to be cleaned, or needing to be unloaded from the dishwasher once again! So though B and my daughter (and maybe my husband and two sons and mom and sister and my sister-in-law who came home to find me folding laundry and a pile of blankets that were causing a little bit too much clutter for me on a recent visit to Alabama, sorry S) may find me slightly compulsive I will have to agree to disagree with them on that one!

Afterall, would an obsessive compulsive woman forget to take before and after photos of her decluttering/organization/rearranging efforts for her blog post today. I think not!