Yes faithful readers, it is true. As of tomorrow afternoon you will be receiving these posts from sunny Florida.

I’m trying not to feel guilty about it (and I’m sure once I get there I won’t), but I feel a little indulgent leaving my family for almost a week.

Not that anyone, except my daughter, is putting any pressure on me, and she just wants to tag along. Not a chance, honey, this is MOMMY TIME! In fact, my husband is really good about these things, “Write down where I have to be when, and I’ll be all set.” And even if I didn’t write anything down, he’d figure it out.

He also is great at fending for himself. I think that’s why once I’m gone, I know the guilt will ease, and I will get down to doing exactly what this trip is meant to do — hang with my mom and dad, relax, catch up on some writing assignments, relax, exercise, blog, relax …. you get the gist.

So why then, with such an awesome, responsible, hubby did I feel the need to spend my afternoon yesterday doing nothing but cooking and preparing great dinners for the two days that I was home, and then preparing others Mark and the kids could eat while I was away? …

Murphy was a big help!

Homemade applesauce, Yum!

Delicious egg, sausage, and cheese bake!

Pulled-pork slow cooked in a crockpot with apples, celery, onions, and a few secret spices.

My culinary tools!

Sorry, Murph! Am I bothering you?

GUILT! That’s why I was doing it. I felt bad that Mark would be staying home, working full time, and trying to run the kids around to various activities, and then he would have to come home and figure out something for everyone to eat. Poor guy.

Why do we do that as mothers? As if our husbands run around writing schedules, and pre-preparing meals for us when they go away? My husband’s good, but not that good!

Maybe it’s our desire to feel needed, or that perpetual martyrdom that some of us weild over our spouse’s head when we are feeling inadequate and feel we need to keep score — I cooked, cleaned, did 5 loads of laundry, walked the dog, caulked the tub, painted the spare bedroom, and wrote two blogs today. And you did what, today? Closed a $500,000 real estate deal? Big deal.

Whatever the reason, I’m in that mode. I’m taking care of business before I leave, and it’s taking a little excitement out of the prospect of going. (Yeah, yeah! I hear you. Wah-freakin’-wah.) OK, I promise to have a good time once I’m at The Villages with the “rents.” You were worried, right?

Not only have I been trying to get the meal and schedule situations in order before I go, I also have two children with upcoming projects due, and no offense to Mark, but homework is not his strong suit. If the kids ask for help, he’s all in, but if they don’t then he assumes it’s taken care of. With our seventh-graders, that philosophy works. Not so with Shea.

Shea, our smart, lovely, funny fourth-grader seems to have inherited mom’s procrastination gene. Test on Friday? He’s studying for it in the car on the way to school that morning. Music project due Wednesday replete with a Powerpoint presentation, set to a popular Mozart track? Tuesday night he’s asking me to help him find some music on iTunes. I could go on and on with examples of Shea’s lackadaisical attitude towards his studies, but that would take up some much needed time that I need to to finish cleaning, doing laundry, organizing, and download some music before my flight at 6 a.m. tomorrow. Just call this big old martyr Wonder Woman. Go ahead. I won’t mind.

So Mark is going to have his work cut out for him while I’m gone, but I am utterly and completely confident that he will do just fine. But that doesn’t mean I still won’t try to make it easier for him, and if anyone out there would like to lend him a hand while I’m away? Well, you know where to find him.

One more post this afternoon, and then you’ll be hearing from me while lounging in the sun, sipping a yummy Floridian-type cocktail! Yahoo! (OK, now I’m excited!)