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Hurray! Finished The Hunger Games Trilogy, so now I can blog earlier, take a walk, head to the pool, golf, and move unto my coursework reading “Stumbling On Happiness” without thoughts of Gale, Prim, Peeta, and Katniss competing for space in my brain.

So the days of my southern escape are winding down, and soon I will back home, and back to being Mom. It’s been a nice little reprieve, and I think we ALL needed it. Dad had to step up and do the a.m. and after-school routines, and the kids had to count on someone else for a change during those hours. And everyone made out marvelously as far as I know (that statement may change after I see Shea’s spelling test score for the week).

Not that Mark isn’t entirely capable of stepping up. I definitely know how lucky I am in that department. But just like I leave tasks like mowing the lawn, doing the dishes, and fixing the septic system up to him, he is more than happy to leave the mundane tasks of laundry, decluttering, schedule-keeping and homework to me. (If anyone is questioning the fairness of those tasks,you need to know that homework time consists of just as much crap as septic duty at times, and neither one of us likes to jump into that on any given day.)

It will be nice to get home and get back to our routines,  but as I recently read in a newly discovered blog “400 Days ’til 40: My Quest to Figure Out Life By 40,” vacations are definitely a necessary component of any happy, well-balanced life.

So onto my final days here in The Villages, FL. In a few minutes I will be heading to the pool to relax (you can never do too much of that), read, listen to a little Pandora, and just be.

Then it’s back to the golf course, which I hope will produce a better set of golf skills for me.

Yesterday was a little rough out there.

OK, maybe not that rough.

I hit my irons pretty well, but the hybrids and woods, remained in the bags after a few failed attempts at using them. …

So this was a post written three days ago that never quite made it to completion. The Village has a way of doing that to you. There is always something better to do than finish your “work” or attend to your responsibilities like golf, drink, lounge at the pool, drink, go out to eat and drink, listen to the music at the square — while drinking … Hmmm. It’s amazing I made it out of there without having to extend my vacation at a local alcohol rehabilitation facility. I did, however, have a better day at golf the next time  I played and even got a birdie on a par 3. Yay me!

But it was time to head back North yesterday to reality, and how did I know? Well I comprised a list. It’s titled “You know it’s time to leave The Villages when …”

1. The sound of someone cracking open a can of any sorts, regardless of the time a day, makes you start salivating for a nice cold beer.

2. You’ve played a few executive golf courses — you were mediocre at best — but you believe you could tackle one of the championship courses on the property with “the pros.”

3. You start to seriously believe the phrase “It’s 5 o’clock somewhere,” and are pretty much living by that philosophy.

4. You get excited about the upcoming appearance of Charo at Katie Belles (best-remembered for appearances on “Love Boat” in the ’80s).

5. You know what Katie Belle’s is.

6. You begin thinking seriously about taking up line dancing so you can show-up the noontime dancers at Katie Belle’s, the regulars at the square.

Just a typical lunch at Katie Belles.

7. You begin to know who the regulars at the square are.

8. You begin golf cart shopping.

9. Attending open houses at The Villages with thoughts of “investing” sounds like a pretty good way to spend your April vacation with the family.

10. You start to understand the language of The Villagers and know what twofers, Rocky and the Rollers, Tarpon Boil, Sumpter Landing, Buttonwood, and Bonifay (among other terms) refer to.

11. You understood AND laughed at this list.

12. You begin to lose blog, Facebook, and Tweet followers because they are more interested in your parenting escapades, and crazy, oft-times neurotic life than your time spent being completely “un-mommy-like” and “un-Kelly-like” at The Villages.

Sooooooo … I’m back and ready to start blogging regularly again, but first I have quite a bit of housekeeping to attend to. You know that fun stuff that no one but Mom seems capable of doing like a week’s worth of laundry, sorting through the mail, listening to the messages on the answering machine, walking the dog, helping with some little fourth-graders music project, etc. etc.

So be prepared for the return of regular blog posts that include utterly fascinating stories of my ordinary, everyday life. Sounds like something to look forward to, doesn’t it?