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It seems my slovenly attitude towards blogging recently can not entirely be attributed to my parental reprieve in Florida. Apparently warm weather in general, is an incredible deterrent to sitting in front of my computer screen and writing some interesting and witty post for my devoted readers.

I’m not kidding! Sun and warmth completely zap me of all creative energies and instead lead me to consume multiple beverages with good friends and then head to bed early, too “tired” to do anything. Or I head outside for several hour-long hikes with Murph (he’s loving the lack of creativity in the house).

When I do decide to sit down in front of my computer, after basking in the gloriousness of these unseasonable March afternoons, I find other less-productive things to do, such as Tweeting, Facebooking, or simply just browsing the Internet.

Today, feeling more motivated than any other time this week, I opened my computer to work, and then I was reminded that my negligent ways had caused a back-up in my e-mail for Hilltown Families, and with a column due Monday that was not a welcomed discovery. Uh oh.

“Sorry, blog friends. You’ll just have to wait a little longer.”

I took an hour to clean things up, then forgot what I was going to do next (yup, old-age dementia has begun to set it at 40), and I began browsing Facebook again. I also sent out a tweet or two, and then it was time for dinner. We can’t neglect my ever-growing stomach now can we? (No, I’m not pregnant again. God Forbid. Those days are most-definitely behind me. I’ve just been very sloth-like as of late, and my Weight Watchers leader would not be very happy. No gold stars for me for a while).

So after I was thoroughly stuffed, I sat down to blog. And you know what I did? “Why you had a sudden burst of creativity?” you say. To which I reply, “Nope.” I actually searched my hotmail account for an e-mail I received a while back about it being OK if you have been slacking on your New Year’s resolutions. Why would this strike me now? Because I was suddenly realizing that in the past couple of weeks, I had been slowing down a little. Slacking on my posts. Gaining a little weight back. Not exercising. Basically, not working on some of the goals I had set for myself this year.

For example: I gained back 4 of the 7 pounds I had lost in January. I only blogged once or twice this week. I also have not been walking regularly with Murph, and his training regimen is virtually non-existent. I also have not made any plans to travel to any of the places I had rattled on about in my New Year’s (Jan. 12, 2012) post, and though, I think I am being a little kinder with my words, and less of a bitch to my family, I’ve had a few meltdowns this week that have left me wondering if that Florida vacation to The Villages had done more harm than good. (Read my Villages post to understand these references.)

But then, as I was beginning to feel absolutely useless, and began pondering the thought of just giving up all together … I came across this little New Year’s Promise to myself:


So when I wandered off-task and began searching the Internet for words that better described my lackadaisical attitude to all parts of my life during the last two weeks than slovenly (Afterall, I am still showering, and only look slightly disheveled from time to time), I didn’t feel guilty at all! For the first-time in my life, I had actually kept a resolution. Yay, Me!

Just in case you are looking for a few synonyms for lazy, lackadaisical, disheveled and only partly slovenly, here they are:

apathetic, asleep on the job, carelesscomatose,dallying, dilatory, drowsy, dull, flagging, idle,inattentiveindifferentindolentinert, laggard, lagging, languid,languorous, lethargiclifeless, loafing,neglectful, out of it, passive, procrastinating,remiss, shiftless, slacksleepy, slothful, slow,slow-moving, snoozy, somnolentsupinetardy,tiredtorpidtriflingunconcerned, unenergetic,unindustrious, unpersevering, unready, weary