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So I mentioned yesterday that I had been “nominated” for a Liebster Blog award. Well, that isn’t exactly true! I’ve been presented the blogger to blogger award by fellow blogger Danielle of “Things Carter Says.”

If you haven’t come across this blog yet during one of your Web-surfing escapades, check it out. Danielle (aka CandGsmom) is a sarcastic, hilarious, “tell it like it is” mother of two youngins, and had we had our children at the same time I’m sure I would be trucking my three kids out to the Eastern part of the state for a playdate for both the kids AND mommies replete with toys, wine, and “realistic” mommy conversation. (The wine would be for the mom’s of course, unless the kids got a little too rambunctious, then we just might give them a little sippy cup full of good cheer to settle them down.)

I admire Danielle’s blogging skills, and wish I had the wherewithall to blog when my kids were younger because, as my husband said I would, I can’t remember any of the funny things they used to say that Mark begged me to write down. Why he couldn’t pull out a pen and paper is beyond me.

So now I just live vicariously through other mother’s (and father’s) blogs who are still navigating life with really young children, and my sister who has a 2-year-old daughter and a baby boy on the way.

This is my niece Kylee. How cool is she?

Just for kicks …

Here are a few things Kylee has said:

  • “I not silly, I boofy.” — 22 months
  • “Hi Aunt Kewers!” (that’s me) — 29 months
  • Kylee: “Go Mima’s house”. My sister: “No we’re not going to Mima’s.” Kylee: “Amorrow?” My sister: “No, not tomorrow.” Kylee: (In all seriousness) “Next week?” — 23 months
  • As my sister pulls up to the Dunkin Donuts drive-thru with Kylee in the backseat: “I want a coffee, milk and sugar … decaf.” — 23 months
  • “Peace out mommy. Tenna (my daughter) says that.” — 22 months
  • And my favorite … Kylee: “Shake your booby. Shake your booby, mommy.” A few surprised looks and uncomfortable laughs are exchanged between my sister, my brother-in-law and me, followed by Kylee’s “Daddy says that.” — 21 months  We all know she meant “Shake your booty,” right?

But I digress … Back to the Liebster Award. There are only a few requirements of bloggers who are bestowed this great honor, and here they are:

1. Thank your Liebster Blog Award presenter on your blog. — check
2. Link back to the blogger who presented the award to you. — check
3. Copy and paste the blog award on your blog. — check
4. Present the Liebster Blog Award to 5 blogs of 200 followers or less who you feel deserve to be noticed. — coming up next
5. Let them know they have been chosen by leaving a comment at their blog. — will do!

Some have criticized the Liebster Award as being a glorified chain letter for bloggers, but really, I don’t care. Another blogger enjoys what I have to say and recognized me for it, and if that gets me more followers more power to Renaissance Mom!

So here they are the blogs that I THINK ROCK (I’m stealing this from Danielle):

1. Raising a Realist — a humorous take on parenting by Scott, “a mild-mannered high school English teacher. In the afternoon, if he can keep his eyes open, he writes in various projects including a young adult novel and this here blog. But in the evening, he is father to 3 year old Lily, a child so advanced that her preschool tried to give her Pride and Prejudice to read. She just threw it back in their faces, commented that she thought Austen’s prose was “pedestrian”, then sucked down another juice box.”

Courtesy Raising a Realist's recent post "How Not to Rescue a Drowning Dog."

2. 400 days ’til 40: My Quest to Figure Out LIfe by 40 — An insightful blog written by a 39-year-old woman pondering all the questions that I am right now in the hopes that she will become a person who is wiser, deeper, laughs more, and lives more, and in my opinion, doing a pretty damn good job, thus far and she still has 328 more days!

Courtesy 400 Days 'til 40: New post 329 Days ’til 40: Silencing Stereotypes.

3.  Mommy Needs Vodka — I have to admit I was initially attracted to the site for the name, but this self-proclaimed “writer, insomniac, irreverent, anxiety-ridden and type A all the way” mother of two, sounds like my kind of gal, and anything that makes me laugh deserves an award in my opinion.

4. A Detailed House — A DIY-kind of blog written by a stay-at-home mother of 2 girls and 4 dogs, who shares my love of design, decorating, and old houses!

Courtesy A Detailed House: "Black and White Bathrooms."

5. This is where I would like to have chosen “Things Carter Says” because Danielle just keeps me smiling, but since she’s already nominated I had a tough time with this one, because there are so many I like, and so many new bloggers like me who need a little boost. I’ve chosen this final Liebster Award recipient because 1.) He was the first person to ever “ping” me and give me a boost when I needed it; and 2.) There are so few stay-at-home dad’s these days, and I love to here about the interactions between this dad, and his son Jaydon. So The Adventures of Jaydon and Daddy get’s my final vote.

Jaydon and Daddy

Now I have to let them know, and I will have fulfilled my Liebster Award requirements.

Thank you again Danielle for the nomination, and for all of my regular readers, and blog followers, to steal a line from Raising a Realist’s blogger dad, Scott: Do me a solid. If you’re going to hit “Like” (and why wouldn’t you?), go ahead and hit the Share button of your choice as well. … Rising hit counts are like Prozac to new bloggers.”