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“The best and most beautiful things in this world cannot be seen or even heard, but must be felt with the heart.” ~ Helen Keller

Have you ever walked into a room, said “hello” to someone new, and felt an instant connection or kinship with that person? I have.

Recently, through this blog and through my interactions with others, I have opened myself to receive. What that might be, I’m never quite sure. It may be a lesson I need to learn or a message I need to hear. Or it may be a new friend whom I need to meet, or an uncomfortable situation I have to guide my way through.

I’ve always felt that I’m a pretty spiritual and even intuitive person, but I’ve never opened myself up enough to feel all that being intuitive brings with it, and I definitely haven’t mentioned that I feel that way to many others until now. Call it a kind of energy, sixth-sense about people, or merely the ability to connect with others on a deeper level, but I feel something when I’m with others, and I feel it often. Be it positive, negative, or unnamed I just know that sometimes I feel things that aren’t mine. It’s other people’s stuff.

I remember when I was younger I used to have a repeated dream. That dream entailed a faceless man. He never did anything, he was just there, but that man always left me with the strangest feeling, and it wasn’t comfortable. It was an eery feeling that made me feel queasy and off kilter, and it wasn’t a sensation I welcomed at all. I remember experiencing that feeling at other times in my life, too. I might walk by someone who in some way resembled that faceless man, and Bam, I would get that feeling again, and know that this wasn’t someone I wanted to meet.

I might be engaging in some friendly conversation with someone I had just met at a party and Whomp! There it was again. “Excuse me, I need to go refill my beverage.” The times it was most difficult to deal with those feelings was when I felt them around someone I knew, and, oft times, still or had cared about at one time or another. Those were the times that I would check out, without explanation, and I ruined a lot of relationships and friendships that way.

I haven’t experienced that feeling in a very long time, but about a month ago it hit me once again out of the blue. I was driving by a house that I had been by a hundred times, and I’ve been by it dozens of times since. There was a car parked in a dilapidated barn, and as I glanced at it a feeling that I have still been unable to describe, overwhelmed me. I was uncomfortable enough to mention it to my therapist the next time I saw her and she asked me what I thought it was about. I still don’t have the answer to that question, but the cause is bound to reveal itself to me when I least expect it to.

But the energy I experience hasn’t always left me feeling like I need to pop a few ibuprofen and head to bed for a week. Sure, I’ve been in those situations where other’s negative energy has bled me dry, and I’ve returned home with a migraine, some new aches and pains, and the intense need to just crawl into my bed. But other times I’ve been filled  with the positive vibes I’ve received from someone else, and that energy surrounds me with warmth, and excitement, and leaves me motivated and at peace for days.

“I define connection as the energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard, and valued; when they can give and receive without judgment; and when they derive sustenance and strength from the relationship.”            ~ Brené Brown

Yesterday, I felt that kind of energy while chatting with my hairdresser, and Leap Year soul sister, while I waited for the color to take on my head and release me from my gray hairs. Our conversation surprised both of us and neither of us could understand why we were sharing stories of faith, and heartache, spirituality and our beliefs, but we felt a connectedness that I think we have touched on in the past, but never admitted until now.

The energy around us was thick, vibrant and peaceful at the same time, and many times throughout our conversation we were left with goosebumps and hairs on our arms standing on end. My fellow Leapster thought maybe the connection had something to do with being Pisces, or better yet, Leap Year babies. Neither of us knew, but I left the salon knowing we would get together again soon, and it wouldn’t be at the salon, but over a glass of wine, and some good music at a local pub of some sort.

Me being me, I was intrigued to see if there was any research to support Soul Sister’s theories, and immediately headed to my best friend for the answers — Google.

As for Soul Sister’s Leap Year hypothesis, I couldn’t find any evidence on the Web to support the assumption that perhaps we were intuitively connected because we were both Leapettes, also known as Leapers, Leapies or, as I just learned if you are a male, a Leapster (I’ve been using that term for years to include all Leap Year Babies, apparently I have been remiss in my knowledge of Leapology).

But anyone who was born on Feb. 29 knows that upon meeting a fellow Leaper, there is usually an instant Leapship — a friendship or relationship between 2 Leapies — formed, and the connection usually runs deeper than just sharing a birthday.

(During my research I found a great Leap Year Day site. So if you want to brush up on your Leaper lexicon and fully Leapify yourself, click here. It’s Leaptacular!)

I did, however, find a lot of information about Piscean’s compatibility with others. We fish are sensitive, caring, and emotional people, and thus, it is said that people flock to us for friendship. (Hey, I’m just giving you the research.)

The first site I happened upon was  http://piscestraits.com, and found some supporting statements as to why we may have forged this connection, and delved into the topics we did yesterday.

“Pisceans like to have long talks with their friends about issues that are important to them, and they are very happy if their friends provide support for whatever philosophical theories they may come up with.” Well, SS, I’m finding a lot of support for your Pisces-Pisces friendship theory. I was happy to learn that I would never be disappointed having a Pisces for a friend because “Pisceans are very easy going and interesting friends you will be proud to have. … They are artistic and innovative, their imagination is incredible, and so you will never be bored to have such a companion.” Right on! Or as Leapology would say … Leap On! Ugh! (Those are getting worse as the list goes on.) But there’s more to support this newfound friendship.

According to an October 2006 post at http://astrology-guru.blogspot.com, “when two Pisceans form a friendship, it is the merging of two very sensitive and emotionally deep people. They share excellent communication, deep emotional ties and an almost spiritual understanding of one another.”

Sounds pretty close to what I experienced yesterday. Be careful though, The Guru warns, “two Pisces together can become inactive, lazy or otherwise bring out the best and worst in each other.” Yikes! I was quickly reassured though by this statement: “Pisces share a great sense of ethics, values and a desire to experience life through a philosophical outlook as reflected by the Planet Jupiter.”

Another piece of supporting information for a Pisces-Pisces friendship/relationship? A Huffington Post post that said, we absorb all the energies around us — both good and bad. So if that is the case, I’ll take the easygoing, philosophical Pisces any day.

Whatever the reason for the intense spiritual connection Soul Sister and I shared yesterday, I don’t care! I’m just thankful we shared it!

(Now if these theories only held true for my relationship with my husband. … Did I ever mention that he’s a Pisces, too? He’s an awesome swimmer, but his Piscean characteristics end there.)

Speaking of connections …

My friend who is a Virgo sent me this last night in a text message:

According to my research we are an ideal friendship match. Apparently, Pisces and Virgo are an “easy-going, do-gooding duo, committing themselves to serving the community as well as each other. This pair brings out the best in one another — they’re a great combination overall.” Ya think?

If we’re drinking from wine glasses like that we better be all of the above … and more!

** On a side note: I also learned from The Guru that “Pisces must really focus and work hard to set goals for themselves and to achieve them.” (This will make more sense to everyone after tomorrow’s post.)