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“The only time you have no opportunities is when you decide to stop taking them.”  ~ Danny Wallace

Day 3 did not provide many opportunities for me to try out my Yes Mom mentality because the day was already one great big YES to my kid’s individual interests.

We had set up two field trips: one to a thoroughbred horse farm for Kenna, Shea, Mom and I, the other, a full-day fishing trip for Max, Mark and my dad.



It seems Shea disagreed, telling us that day that he hated both fishing and horses. Too bad!

My two Yeses at the farm that day were in response to Shea’s requests for snacks, and to go in the car because he was bored. This little 10-year-old was being a great big twit so definitely YES! You’re ruining our good time.

Perhaps his Yes Day will come when we head to Universal Studios in Orlando and spend time with some of his favorite friends Harry Potter, Spider Man, The Incredible Hulk …

The only other opportunity to say, “Yes” came that evening to Max’s request for me to go play pickleball. I said, “Yes,” and Mark, Max, Kenna, Shea and I enjoyed a rousing game of The Villages favorite pastime.

Day 4

But the next day I was craving some time to read my easy beach read that I had only just browsed because I made myself read my blog-related reading first. With “Yes Man” finished and the next Chapter of “When Turtles Fly” ready for me to put its contents on the page and send it into the blogosphere, I could turn my attention to Kristin Hannah‘s “On Mystic Lake.” Well, in theory I could.

But the kids were antsy, especially Max, and I feared a question would be asked that would bring me off the lanai, and out to play. I just wanted one day to myself, to immerse myself in the pages of Annie and Nick’s love affair, and to watch Izzy emerge from her traumatic past unscathed.

I got a chapter or two in, and then it came. “Are you we going to go running today?” Max asked.

The temperature had risen to a piping hot 85 degrees, and I was sweating just sitting there reading, but my Yes Experiment required me to say, “Yes,” to him. What could I do? My insides were screaming “No, freakin’ way!” But instead I said, “Yes, a little later.”

That seemed to appease Max and he went off to watch TV, and soon forgot about me — for the entire day! It got me thinking that maybe I was on to something. I could say yes, and possibly still get to do what wanted. I know, it really wasn’t in the spirit of Yes Mom, but the book was so damn good. If only I could have the day to finish it.

A few other opportunities arose throughout the day where I employed my delayed Yes tactics, and before I knew it I was engrossed in the fictitious world of Mystic, Washington, and by the end of the night I had almost finished the entire 404 pages.

I had found a loophole, and for one vacation day I was able to say, “Yes,” to me! How selfish!