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“If you don’t dare to begin, you don’t stand a chance of getting there.” ~ Author Unknown

‘Tis the season to begin thinking about all those pounds we have packed on to keep us warm during the winter months and how they will effect our “Bikini Body Visions.”

As I read through some other blogs this week, I realized I wasn’t the only mommy blogger who was giving her weight a serious reality check, and more importantly, looking to become more active, toned and healthier. Fellow mom of twins,  and Mommy of a Monster & Twins blogger extraordinaire, Natalie Hoage, is tracking her similar journey, only she is brave enough to tackle the Brazilian Butt Lift for a month, and kicked it off with “A 6-day Supermodel Slimdown” plan. See her post here. And Merely Mothers blogger Sarahlynne, is also pursuing a similar slim down goal. I guess, as each of us has said at some time or another, we want to “bring our sexy back” before summer.

For me that sexy hasn’t existed since after I lost all of the baby weight, and then some, from my twins in 2001, which resulted in a little too much sexy, thus the conception of my third, Shea, a few months later. I have tried to get back on track on and off again for the last 10 years, meeting with success here and there, but then I fall into my old habits of snacking, socializing over cocktails a little too often, and making excuses for all the reasons I can’t exercise.

So last Sunday I kicked off my own Mommy Body Transformation Project in an attempt, once again, to keep me honest and blogging about my experience.

Let’s see how the first week went.

Sunday: Kicked off the plan, rejoined Weight Watchers online (who has time for a meeting), did a few sets of sit-ups and push-ups, and then realized I had absolutely no food in the house because I hadn’t gone shopping since my return from Florida on Friday, so I munched on and off on crap for the rest of the day, until my husband brought home the ingredients for an absolutely delicious steak tenderloin salad.

POSITIVES: I semi-exercised, began working out an exercise and diet plan, and I didn’t have any alcohol to drink which is plentiful in calories, and causes me to graze more.

NEGATIVES: I grazed all day long anyway.

Monday: I made a promise to at least do a 10-minute strength training video online for the day, and go shopping for some nutritious, low-cal food so following Weight Watchers would be easier, in between writing a daylong column for Hilltown Families about all the upcoming events for May in the area. Also continued with a consistent vitamin and supplement regimen that gives me an energy and metabolism boost (Multivitamin, Vitamin B & D, Flaxeed Oil, and Providia Labs 5 Way Metabolic Fat Fighter, 2 tablets/day, in the morning and an evening dose of Calcium).

POSITIVES: I finished my column in a timely manner and went to BJs where I loaded up on fresh fruit and vegetables, and bought the ingredients for a few healthy dinners including the marinated pork-chops, rice, and baby spinach salad we ate that night. Also was good about taking my vitamins and supplements.

NEGATIVES: I munched that afternoon because all I had had “to eat” that day was my two-cups of morning coffee and a cheese-stick, and made the mistake of buying a bag of Fritos for “my kids” at the store. I also never worked in the time to do those 10-minutes of exercise, and believe me they were there. If they were there to watch TIVOed episodes of “Bethenny Ever After,” then they were there to exercise. Tomorrow will be better.

Tuesday: Planned to walk with Murph in the morning and then prepare for my interview with Nikki Stone, then play tennis with my friend or husband later that night while my kids were all at various sports practices. Also planned a roasted chicken dinner with mashed potatoes and some sort of vegetable.

POSITIVES: Made the roasted chicken dinner, with a long-grain rice, and layed out a vegetable medley of carrots, grape tomatoes, and baby spinach. Had a great interview with Nikki Stone, which motivated me to exercise that night. Also grabbed a healthy grape and cheese-stick breakfast on my way out the door to help my husband and a friend with some house redecorating/updating tasks. Vitamins and supplements, check.

NEGATIVES: Never made the morning walk because I had more preparing for the interview than I thought, got caught up on the redecorating task resulting in a rushed lunch at Applebees with a not-so-healthy but delicious salad (if I had maintained some portion control it might not have been so bad), forgot Mark began his golf league so no tennis, my friend was busy, so no tennis, planned a walk with another friend and my dog, that friend was puking, forgot my dogs leash on the way out the door to bring boys to baseball, became frustrated and tired, came home munched on some Fritos, and snacked on the chicken and tomatoes later that evening.

Wednesday: Caught up on some belated blogging, planned to walk the dog, possibly Zumba or play tennis later in the afternoon while the kids were at baseball practice, and tackle a potato, sausage and kale soup recipe.

POSITIVES: Actually made the soup.

NEGATIVE: Planned to walk dog after a lunch of Ritz crackers and hummus. Started pouring rain right before I was about to leave for about an hour. Chose not to replace the walk with some indoor activity. Why? Because I was lazy! No vitamins either.

Thursday: Day completely thrown off whack with a trip to the hospital with my father (see post) so the health and fitness regimen was barely a blip on the screen today.

Friday: Planned to definitely get some sort of exercise in today. NO EXCUSES.

POSITIVE: Took an hour hike in the woods with a friend and Murph. It was exhilarating. I felt positive after a week of little exercise, and vowed to find more ways to workout with friends. It makes it go so by so much faster and it seems easier that way.

NEGATIVE: TGIF is not good for those trying to improve their health and fitness regimen. Though wine with Mom and dinner and a couple drinks with friends was relaxing and fun, Buffalo wings and potato skins did nothing for my waistline. (Oh, and apparently the alcohol numbed any remaining willpower because I couldn’t resist that dish of ice cream when I got home.) Ugh. And I forgot the vitamins, again!

Saturday: Planned to get some exercise in today and this time enlisted the help of mom.

POSTIVE: Walked 3-miles with mom, and found a delicious low-cal lunch option —leftover chicken, chopped (2 pts. worth) and 4 Tbs. of tabouleh (2 pts.), mixed together like a chicken salad. Absolutely delicious! Back on board with the vitamin regimen.

NEGATIVE: Can’t seem to get back on the Weight Watchers food plan this week.

So all in all the week got off to a rocky start, but I never gave up and continued the exercise into today with an almost 2 hour hike in the woods with lots of hills and rough terrain with my husband and Murph. Now if I can just get the food thing under control, because honestly, I think I ended up gaining two pounds this week. Not too good. Better luck next week



On another note: I’m going to be collaborating on this project with fellow blogger Sarahlynne from Merely Mothers. She’s trying to lose a few pounds and also find ways to improve her everyday fashion so she won’t look like a frumpy mom like me (see photo above). Thankfully, she has agreed to guest post here, as well as include me in her Fashion Week posts coming up in May. You may also see a guest post from me on Merely Mothers. I can’t wait to see what Sarah recommends to sexy me up a little. It’s got to be better than my signature yoga pants and sweatshirts! Check out the post here that inspired me to get in touch with her and thus begin our collaborative efforts.

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