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“I do not believe in excuses. I believe in hard work as the prime solvent of life’s problems.” ~ James Cash Penney

So I am happy to report that I found a happy balance of activities to keep me exercising. From Insanity DVDs with a friend to swimming solo and hikes with Murphy, I am beginning to see the results in my now-toned arms and legs. But unfortunately I have let my spring fever get the best of me, and I have bypassed the Weight Watchers suggested menus and gone straight for the late afternoon cocktails with friends.

That has always been my problem — SUMMER! The weather starts to warm up, we start spending more time at the lake with friends, and the alcohol starts flowing and the munchies grace the table. This is my WEAKNESS. This is when I throw all rational thinking out the window and indulge. As a result, I am gaining lots of muscle mass from exercising, but not losing the belly fat I need to, so my stomach appears to be growing as the muscle forms underneath the flab and I have gained another pound. Not where I saw this project going when I began it three weeks ago.

I had visions of a slim toned bikini-ready Mommy by now, and that is far from the case. So this is the week I am ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY WITHOUT A DOUBT beginning AND staying with Weight Watchers. I have to. I received the sweetest Mother’s Day card from Thing 1 yesterday (ready yesterday’s post for the reason behind the new names for my family members). It read:

“I see you working to be the best mom you can be. You do things to make you better — trying to lose weight and pursuing your dream (of being a full-time writer). Mom, you teach me things throughout your actions and by “the talks” which I don’t want to hear but I should.” And it only got better from there. I was touched yesterday, now I feel that maternal guilt boiling in the pit of my belly bulge ready to erupt into a full-blown pity party for myself where all my parental failures are on display for the guests to see.

So I must take action now! I must embrace my daughter’s Mother’s Day sentiments, and use them as fuel to get these pounds OFF! I promise, next week when I bring you this update I will be three to five pounds lighter, and in this mom’s eyes there is NO MORE ROOM FOR EXCUSES, because then what kind of lesson would I be teaching my kids? Apparently they are still watching and those attempts to avoid their parents is just some sort of teenage guise.

Look for more about The Mommy Body Transformation Project on Wednesday when guest poster Sarahlynne from MerelyMothers will stop by to discuss her own Mommy Body project while I take a turn at discussing my history of Mommy Style Faux Pas on her site.

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