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By Sarahlynne of merelymothers

Weight Watchers has one fatal flaw: You are allowed to open your cupboard. Yup, on Weight Watchers, you’re allowed to eat what you want, as long as it fits into your allotted points for the day.  This is a major problem for me. Rationally, I know I have a point value that I’m supposed to stick to, but it’s just so hard to resist those extra pieces of chocolate or another yummy Weight Watchers dessert.

Yeah, I have a major sweet tooth. It went away for a while while I was pregnant, but returned with a vengeance while I was breastfeeding. And now, I really have to keep it in check. When I was on Weight Watchers, I used up all my points in chocolate one day.

Now, after pregnancy, a C-section and a year and a half of breastfeeding, my body has definitely changed. I’m the same weight I was before I got pregnant, (yay!) but my body looks totally different. I have a little pooch around the middle that never used to be there before. My clothes don’t fit, even though technically, they should. It’s beyond frustrating. I need to lose five pounds to look like I did before pregnancy. (Actually, ten.)

Weight Watchers, as you noticed, is not my strong suit. I think it’s awesome if it works for you, and to tell you the truth, it’s a fantastic way to change lifestyle habits. It teaches portion control and how to make a long-term change. (If you follow it correctly and don’t eat your points in chocolate.)

I need a program that gives me the food I’m supposed to eat. I need a program that doesn’t allow me to peruse the bakery section at the grocery store or even really open my cupboard.

Enter Jenny Craig. The food is delicious, I know exactly what I’m eating each day and as long as I don’t mind being a tad hungry (1200 calories a day is not a lot) I can manage it (and sometimes sneak in an extra snack if I’m really hungry.) It’s a tad expensive, but it allows you to press the restart button on your relationship with food. Now, I cook two cups of vegetables with my entrée so I have way more food to eat and feel more satiated. I am no longer afraid of breakfast. I used to think that if I just skipped breakfast, I’d save more calories for later on. Not true. Healthy breakfasts jumpstart metabolism and provide much needed energy after eight hours of not eating. So now I eat breakfast.

And here’s an extra bonus. I don’t know about you, but going to the grocery store three times a week with my toddler is not my idea of a good time. With Jenny, I go once, load up on produce, and then eat the prepared food. I don’t have to spend extra time cooking either, and although I cook for my husband most days, I don’t have to think about the food I’m going to eat. I just check it off a list — one less thing to think about. Love it!

It’s only been a week, but I’ve lost two pounds. I feel better already. I’m hoping that eight pounds from now, my clothes will fit and I’ll find more joy in perusing my closet. (Now it’s just annoying to get dressed.)

You see, I want to strut around the playground. I want to feel great by the pool. Oh yeah; I’m on my way to fabulous. I just hope I can keep up this motivation. Because, confession; I’m also a diet sabotager. A few pounds away from my goal weight, I give myself permission to jump off the wagon, and then I never reach my goal. So check back with me in a few weeks. It’ll keep me accountable.

Sarahlynne is a 32-year-old mother with an almost 2-year-old boy. When she’s not trying to create a healthy relationship with food and finally knocking out those final ten pounds, she writes for merelymothers, a blog that analyzes today’s generation of mothers. Read more at http://www.merelymothers.com.

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