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Living in fear of not being perfect is something that can stabilize us and narrow our scope of life’s purpose. ~ Goldie Hawn

I love this Goldie Hawn quote. I heard it as I watched her on “Oprah’s Master Class” the other day. It was a rerun and I was psyched my DVR had caught it because I had missed the episode the first time around.

There’s something about Goldie that draws people to her. I have been attracted to her energy, positivity, and absolute contentment with her life for years, so it wasn’t surprising when I heard this bubbly, bundle of energy say in all seriousness that from the time she was a very young girl she knew that her life’s purpose was simply to be HAPPY!

Imagine living your life with that as your only goal. How freeing? I know many of us, myself included, respond to that concept with a “Duh, isn’t that what we all want?” but often we don’t put it at the top of our list. Or when we do, we don’t know ourselves well enough to know the thing that will make us happy. We think landing our ideal job, making money, getting married, having kids, etc. will be the thing that frees us of the need to keep searching for happiness, and then sit in a pile of disappointment when we realize we have accomplished all of that, and still aren’t as happy as we want to be.

I was there. I had everything I ever wanted — I had worked in two of the professions that I loved and was passionate about. I had a great husband, three beautiful and talented kids, a big beautiful house (minus the picket fence), friends, family — yet still I felt there was something internal still screaming to escape from within myself, that one thing that would REALLY make me happy.

Come to find out, it was me in there! The me who loved singing and playing Annie in the fourth-grade play. The me that loved to draw, and write, and just create. The me who didn’t have to be perfect, who didn’t have to make decisions based on what was expected, but what I believed,  who didn’t have to have a great job and be an ideal mom to feel whole, and who didn’t have to go through life helping others feel better at the expense of her own feelings to be happy, healthy and FREE!

I’m still learning and I’m still searching for the inner peace and that inner happiness that will sustain me through life, but man, I am a whole lot closer than I was six months ago, and for the first time EVER I am really beginning to be comfortable with just being ME!

Anyone else out there in the same position? I’d love to hear about it.