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This is the third in a series of Mamãe Verde/Green Mama posts beginning with the archives of my first attempt at blogging in 2010. This post originally was written on March 6, 2010.

The idea for the blog began a month ago and so did our venture into “greendom” … Now fast forward to the present and how are we doing? Well let’s see … our first steps were to sit down with the kids to discuss our plans — basically we are going to eat healthier. Their responses were along the lines of what follows:
The 10-year-old Health Food Junky: “No problem, some of my favorite foods are fruits and vegetables.”
The 8-year-old Snackoholic: “No problem some of my favorite foods are fruits … fruit snacks, Fruit Loops, fruit dipped in chocolate, strawberry licorice. Is mint-chocolate-chip ice cream a fruit?” Yeah, this one was going to be difficult to convert.
The 10-year Human Garbage Disposal who eats anything and everything and still remains scrawnier than ever: “Please take this chicken away I don’t want to put all those antibiotics and growth hormones in my body.”
After we convinced him that with the current stock in our freezer he was going to go very, very, hungry if he didn’t start eating some of what we put in front him, he relented. Afterall very little has been known to come between him and his food.
But we did promise to supplement the foods they ate most — cereal and snacks — with organic
ones. And we have. We also replaced much of our store-bought fruit with organic fruits and vegetables from a local store that gets much of its produce from local farms. (If you live in the Berkshires “Berkshire Organics” is incredible …     and they deliver all over the county.)
But … life with three kids can be busy, fun, exhilarating, frustrating, confusing, maddening — you parents out there know what I’m talking about — but the word I’m looking for here is hectic. We have learned there are very few concession stands out there that serve organic hotdogs or pizza slices, and this winter that is pretty much where we have lived (at least on the weekends), and surprisingly (NOT) The Garbage Disposal isn’t concerned with the ingredients that go into those. In fact, he has been known to devour multiple hotdogs in one sitting with no guilt or shame in doing so.
My kids also love their Toaster Strudels at Mima’s, have discovered some other kind of frozen breakfast sandwich there and will probably never give up McDonalds in this lifetime, but we are working on the concept of moderation and we’ll see where we get.
That’s all I’ve got for now … Stay tuned for how we try to tackle recycling in a house full of pack rats and people who have been raised in a disposable society. That one should be fun.
** A 2012 update: We are still struggling to get more organic foods into our home, but my kids have given up McDonalds and replaced it with Subway.