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“Children (who are allowed to think creatively) become the adults who make a difference in our world with their creative problem-solving skills.” ~ Sara Gable, Missouri State Extending Specialist in Human Development.

My son, Thing 3, heard I was reviewing books on my blog. So now he has taken to bringing home projects of his from school, as well as his friends’ projects, and asking me to put them on my site. After much persistence from him AND his friends I am not going to review these stories, art creations, etc., (we don’t want to discourage the creativity of elementary students and beyond), but I will be posting them from time to time under Kids Kreate (yes, I know that’s spelled wrong, but I like, it’s my blog, so let it be).

This first creation was something my son did in class. Apparently they had to write a creative story that included facts they had learned about gorillas using photos from the Web and/or draw their own (I think). When I was a good mother I would have known exactly what the assignment was (Like Renaissance Mom on Facebook for other “When I was a good mother” posts or click here).

So here is my son’s gorilla story. I’m not sure whether to be impressed with his creativity or disturbed, but here it is anyway.

Diary of a Gorila

By Thing 3

September 3rd: I woke up feeling big, 300 pounds. I’m huge!

 September 4: My mom was brushing my hair with her HAND, but I don’t like my hair neat.

September 5: I was showing my friends how I could slap my chest, but I got in trouble by the teacher. I hate teachers!

September 6: After school we handed back report cards — A.

September 7: I was coloring and then the alarm went off. Fire, run!

September 8: I think I wet myself. Um … never mind.

September 9: My brother Max was making hand gestures at me. I told my mom.

September 10: Last night I slept 13 hours. My dad was very happy.

September 11: It’s my birthday. I’m turning 10. Dad said I’ll live ’til 50 or more.

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