“Involving children and grandchildren in philanthropic activities plays an important role in preparing younger generations for wealth and responsibility.” ~ Betsy Brill author of “How to Make Philanthropy A Family Affair”

Monday morning hit me like a ton of bricks and so did writer’s block. I longed for the bright, sunny, carefree days of this past weekend to return, and with them my creativity. But by 9 a.m. my Monday still remained overcast, my son had come home sick from school, and I still lacked the motivation to write (and subject matter to write about). I did, however, find my creativity and I used it to create the video below. This is how Thing 3 and I began our Sunday morning — supporting a cause near and dear to our family’s hearts.

For more about “How to Make Philanthropy A Family Affair” check out Betsy Brill’s Forbes.com article here.