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Note: This is the fourth in a series of Mãma Verde/Green Mama archive posts — my first attempt at blogging over two years ago. To read other related posts click here.


The problem with being a blogging mom is that you actually have to find time to blog in between your plethora of other responsibilities and roles; job, taxi driver, health care provider, confidante, disciplinarian, cheerleader, homework helper, chef, custodian, cleaning lady, personal shopper, nutritionist … You get the point.

So really, what was I thinking when I took up the blog while at the same time working full time and being a mom? And then on top of all that deciding to try to help myself and my family live a more “environmentally conscious” life, starting with the food we ate. Really, I don’t even have time to shop let alone plan or cook these new organic-focused meals … last week we had pizza (non-organic and delicious I might add) and two nights ago subs (just as yummy). Now we will be spending the weekend at a basketball tournament and as I’ve mentioned in the past … I’ve yet to come across an organic concession stand at these things.

So my solution (that is if I can finish my interviews and articles for work, and catch up with the laundry so I can then pack for this adventure) is to pack some food for breakfast and lunches of a more healthy and organic nature (no Hostess donuts for this crew). The only problem? I’ll have to go shopping … Ugh.

On another note …
Can I say that regardless of how techno-savvy you parents think you are (after all you found this blog didn’t you or maybe not … is there anyone out there reading?), your kids are most definitely savvier. I learned this lesson the hard way last week when I learned that despite all the parental controls I thought I had set up on my child’s computer, he still managed to join Facebook without my knowledge — AND HE IS ONLY 10.

Yup, apparently when the parental controls updated recently I had to do a little more than just download them to the computer. Needless to say, my little man is no longer allowed to use any type of computer, iPod etc. for the next 2 months (unless for school and then under STRICT supervision). I’ve also updated all of the parental control features on said iPod and said computer … but I’ll blog more on the Facebook mishap later. For now … I’m off to do an interview and maybe a little laundry. Sounds exciting doesn’t it?