“Whoever said money can’t buy happiness simply didn’t know where to go shopping.”  ~ Bo Derek

Occasionally through the blogosphere I become aware of a product, blog, website, book, etc. that intrigues me. Recently I was introduced to a new-to-me website become.com, my new shopping savior.

For those of you who don’t know, I despise shopping. I avoid malls at all costs, and I enter into various stores with a “Check -n- Bolt” philosophy: get the items on my very specific list as quickly as possible, check them off, and bolt out of the store as quickly as possible (hopefully without forgetting to pay for said items). On the rare occasion I veer off course, one can usually find me on the floor by one of the items on my list using one of many comparative shopping iPhone apps. looking for a better deal or reading a review of the product at hand. Ugh! This is torture to me.

Enter become.com.

This online shopping site wraps up the products, reviews, and comparative shopping prices in one neat little package for the preferable at-home shopper like me. From home and garden products to electronics to sports equipment, jewelry, clothing and more, become.com has it ALL. While searching the site I found a 32 GB, 3G, iPad tablet with Wi-Fi for $439.99 available at Sears Marketplace. Not bad considering they can run in excess of $600. There were also a plethora of links to sites on which to read the iPad product reviews.

My twins have begun a “summer lawn-moving adventure” and have realized that two lawn mowers are better than one. A quick search of lawn mowers brought up a number of inexpensive self-propelled lawn mowers including some more expensive mowers like the snapper 12.5 hp 28in hivac. The twins will probably stick to borrowing their Papa’s mower, but it was worth the look.

For those getting their “outdoors on” — gardening, outdoor entertaining, etc. — this spring there is currently a black arbors sale on the site (I wish I were more of a gardener). I also found a slew of cheap accent chairs on the site, too, that could provide some inspiration for the bedroom remodel I’m designing for my niece.

The site has A LOT on it so plan to spend some time exploring its various aspects, because it can take a while to figure out all of its nuances, but it’s easy to use and pretty self-explanatory. The site also has a link on the bottom to its various shopping blogs which comes in handy for those of us who consider ourselves shopping-challenged. Yay!

Disclaimer: YES, I was paid by become.com for this post, but NO that did not influence my opinion of their site. All opinions on Renaissance Mom are my own and they are my honest opinions as I will not compromise the integrity of this blog or deceive my readers to make a buck. If I don’t like something I’ve been asked to look at or review, I will tell you or I will not blog about it.