Meet the Rest of the Gang


The Grinch: Husband, dad, realtor, entrepreneur, football coach, slayer of dragons, mice and coyotes, lover of nature and fishing, comedian, softy, trampoline jumper, game player, great big kid at heart, and cheerleader of three kids and a wife.

Thing 1: Daughter, sister, twin, bookworm, singer, eye-roller, animal lover, story writer, determined athlete, horse enthusiast, and teacher of all things inappropriate, sarcastic, and downright hilarious to a two-year-old admirer.

Thing 2: Son, brother, twin, Energizer Bunny, memorizer of all things sports-related, possessor or photographic memory, entertainer of many, guitar/saxophone player, nonstop chatterer, and torturer of younger brother.

Thing 3: Son, younger brother, baby of the family, singer, drummer, bad joke teller, serious game player, hip-hop dancer, drop of a hat crier, video game addict, mini-philosopher, and instigator of older siblings.

Murphy: family dog, mom’s other baby, face licker (people), butt licker (his own), treat eater, walk taker, bone lover, puppy-eyes giver, trick doer, people lover, and annoyer of one fat cat.

Milo: the lazy, fat family cat, nap taker, creature catcher, rug scratcher, bath giver, incessant purrer, dog teaser, and master of his domain.


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